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The contents of the NASIGA Space Program are:

  • Designing spaceships for short distances even for intergalactic travel and time jump.
  • The spacecraft project / research-development project involves a serious research problem, ie gravity, acceleration and sudden deceleration of spacecraft (jump in space-time), this causes serious problems in the lives of people on a spacecraft. For these serious gravity problems on a spaceship, a simple solution will suffice, ie the deployment of antigravity brake dampers throughout the ship and the solution of the location of the antigravity generator on the spaceship.
  • Space transportation tourism
  • Space freight transport
  • Space passenger transport
  • Space travel, distant galaxies, contacts with civilizations, space messages and knowledge of ancient civilizations
  • Expedition and search for other possibilities of life in space

The NAUTILUS project is being prepared, the design of spacecraft, the construction of a spacecraft with propulsion / nuclear, plasma, hyperdrive, ion propulsion /