About us

NASIGA / National Space Intergalactic Agency / was established due to the independence of special activities from SKYBERGTECH s.r.o. and at the same time expanding activities that have already exceeded the boundaries of SKYBERGTECH's programs.

Both companies work closely together and are a global leader in the research and development of electromagnetic and frequency technologies in the field of EMC and EMF, quantum physics, space and space technology, aviation, health, paranormal and mutational events, underwater systems, submarines and scuba diving, as well as in research -development-production of defense and weapon systems.
The high level of bureaucracy, widespread ignorance and deliberate misinformation applied by various groups and societies on a global scale have led us to reveal the truth and reality of the present, the principles and technologies of the near future.
From World War II and the Cold War to the present day, various societies, governments, and organizations have worked and are working on special projects with investments in excess of billions of dollars, projects beyond human comprehension. NASIGA belongs to these companies, which are involved in government and private projects. The areas of main projects include research-development-production and design.

NASIGA focused mainly on research-development-production and design. The portfolio includes: project preparation for the production of aircraft, drones, helicopters, spacecraft and submarines, design and manufacture of frequency, pulse, phaser, resonant weapons and generators, high-frequency tempest filters and other special products.

In short, NASIGA researches, develops, manufactures and designs state-of-the-art technologies that await humanity in the near future.

Finally, I would like to warn visitors to our site that they are coming to reality, not Science Fiction.

Advanced powers such as the United States, RUSSIA, ISRAEL, China and Japan directly subsidize their specialized domestic companies with billions of dollars for research and development and production of new technologies in space, water, weapons and biotechnology. Unfortunately, our politicians and the level of bureaucracy in our country in Europe do not allow us to subsidize, to finance companies, but rather to hinder and liquidate them.

"New technologies and the near future are ahead of us, unfortunately the audacity of scholars, officials is proportional to their ignorance. They look down on everything they don't understand. They slow down or forbid everything, they just make excuses for everything and look for reasons why NO, when problems and disasters come suddenly everything changes and everything is immediately possible, they want to save everything, it's just too late sometimes "

Dr. István Lukáts, MD