About us

The company NASIGA, thanks to a synergy effect, is able to expand in a unique way. It can combine knowledge and philosophy of the old masters and scientists with new knowledge of current research, business and management. Our separate special departments are working in synergy to. With this synergy effect we are able to react quickly to the specific customers’ requests and to fulfill their most sophisticated wishes, quickly and effective. We apply the outputs of R&D of specific areas of physics, astrophysics and quantum physics into real projects. High expertise and experience of our staff ensures the quality proven by real operations in the hardest conditions.

The company is devided into several departments: Space, Weapons, Aviation and R&D

Space dept. focuses on space technology, drawing information from the past and future and existing knowledge of astrophysics and quantum physics and forensic technology. This dept. deals with projects that follow-up on applied research of propulsion systems, design of spaceships, building of spaceships, space travel and traveling in hyperspace. The output should be both freight and passenger transportation and space tourism and expeditions.

Weapons dept. is specialized in defense and security technology, research and development of weapons with minimal disruptive effect and high efficiency of destruction / paralyzing of a required object. The other part is focused on the supply of equipments and products for nuclear and military projects and other parts for security and defense components. Products are tested and approved by the NSA (NBÚ) for security level confidential / secret.

Aviation dept. is focused mainly on helicopters and planes from the lowest class to the highest class, supply, purchase and sale of devices and services, pilot training on flight simulator, as well as transport of persons and goods and leisure flights.

R&D dept. deals with the strategic projects for the other departments that draw practical knowledge from design and manufacturing. The essential / main projects are: space technology (wormhole, hyperdrive, warp and other types of propulsions, design of spacecraft, magnetic field research, including practical tests and measurements, distortion of space-time continuum). A last but not least part of the research is paranormal phenomena research, the ability to use mental sphere, telepathy, cure, genetic mutations, and others. All knowledge complement the research of the space technology and technology of a close future (as a jump in time , teleportation, antimatter , wormhole, …… etc..)

Finally, I would like to ask each of visitors for clemency or pardon for the following sincere words … but I have to tell to people, companies, organizations, military, scientists, traders, businessmen who are not able to understand our concept, let skip our web.

Briefly, regarding emmisions: If there exits a problem in EMC and EMF or a wave of radiation roll-over and this phenomena can be dangerous for the people survival , then everyone who even has money – millions and billions – theese money don’t help him at all. However, we at NASIGA, are ready to defend against the radiation and other hazards that can our life on earth influence or exterminate. Think about it and whether you can and want to support our projects by some financial support, do it. It’s up to your consideration if you decide to say yes. It is always a plus, if not, then the money that you have , just will “burn” Or you just pay hard for any possibility of salvation It will already be too late. Therefore, you now have some information about our company, you can contribute financially to the construction and preparation of spacecraft that, when the problem is actual, and consequently we are able to transport you and your family to any safety space.

Measurement and detuning of electromagnetic compatibility is important because of health and safety. Harmful or negative radiation can cause cancer disease and other health problems.

Therefore we give you some information regarding EMC and EMF, what is needed for people and can rescue and protect them against all negative influences of radiation comming from the earth, from the universe and from the solar radiation and that threaten our Earth.

Therefore the project NAUTILUS was created – a construction of spaceship.

All the information you can find in Foundation fund