The company NASIGA / National Space Intergalactic Agency / was established to separate special activities from the company SKYBERGTECH s.r.o. In a consequence an other reason was the widening of activities that go behind the horizont of SKYBERGTECH s.r.o.

The both companies very closely cooperates and they are on top-of-art in the fields of R&D of electromagnetic and frequency technologies. The technologies we speak about are these ones: EMC and EMF, quantum physics, space and space technologies, aviation, healthcare, paranormal and mutation phenomenons. In addition to that there exist the other activities: R&D and production of defence and weapon technologies.

.. High level of bureaucracy, widespread ignorance and deliberate misinformation that are spread by different groups and companies globally, pushed us to reveal the truth and reality of the present time and principles and technologies of the close future

Since the 2nd World War and the Cold War until today various companies, governments and organizations have worked and continues to work on special projects with investments of more than a billion dollars, projects exceeding the boundaries of human understanding. NASIGA belongs to those companies that are involved in both government and private projects. The launch projects include R&D, production, design, construction of propulsion systems, the design and manufacturing of spacecraft and submarine vessels, design and manufacturing of frequency, pulse, phaser weapons and generators, high frequency tempest filters and other special-purpose products.

Simply put, the NASIGA company is engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and design of the latest technologies that can be expected by world in the close future.

Briefly, I would like to point out our web visitors that they can see the reality and not the Science Fiction

„New technologies and close future“

The insolence of the vulgar is in proportion to their ignorance. They treat everything with contempt which they do not understand.

William Hazlitt

“Not because you cannot see, that you cannot see and not believe, that you don’t believe, but because of you have a faint faith and you DON’T WANT and you are afraid to see and believe.”

Dr. Lukáts István