Research and Development


The main direction and focus of NASIGA are consulting services, product design, research and development work in the field of high frequency, laser, microwaves and a specific area of measuring electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic field / EMC and EMF /.

  • The focus is on the design of highly specialized products, including unique solutions based on customer requirements and wishes
  • We perform research, development, testing and observation of the radiating field of electromagnetic energy in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum of radio waves, including simulation and practical tests of measurement and interference suppression.
  • Research in the field of paranormal phenomena and uses and applications in the near real future
  • Research and development of defense and protective equipment
  • Research, training and teaching of brain capacity utilization up to 60-70%, application possible with application to both hemispheres, price of training and information on request
  • Research projects in the field of medicine and genetics and mutation
  • Applied research of alternative treatment procedures and processes in medicine and healing
  • Research of cosmic phenomena and technologies, their application in the space program, construction of a spaceship (hyperdrive, wormhole, leap in time (space-time), etc.
  • Research and applied development in the field of spacecraft design, spacecraft construction, space transportation
  • Space technology research (propulsion, wormhole, leap in time, disruption of space-time, etc.)
  • Our products are used in many areas of industry, energy, the military and other sectors, which are supplied throughout the Czech Republic, the EU and worldwide.