We carry out R&D of defensive and protective equipments, development and sale of weapon systems based on the principle of pulse weapons, frequency weapons etc. – EMI, EMF

We provide solutions for interference and high=tech applications of military and security subjects at the highest levels of reliability. They meets safety levels of NBÚ – confidential / secret. We offer and sale a comprehensive product line of tempest filters that meet strict safety criteria. We extend this the line with new products to meet the latest knowledge and requirements of the army.

We produce special products for use in strategic applications in army and other security forces, with the required degree of confidentiality that are subjected to approval / verification of the NSA (National Security Agency) – NBÚ.

Our potential is based on our many years (15 to 20 years) experience and comprehensive knowledge in the field of electromagnetism, EMC and EMF. It is based on our research, observations and measurements.

We offer and provide custom EMC measurements. Based on obtained detailed measurements results we can prepare proposals and solve complex cases on different applications, highly sophisticated and effective turnkey solutions.

R&D, sales of weapons – pulse, frequency, resonance, laser, proton

Supplies for nuclear technology and military industry.