Research and development

Research of electromagnetic field and compatibility ( EMF and EMC), emmisions, including practical tests, measurements and interference suppresion

Research of paranormal phenomena

Research of space technologies ( propulsion systems, wormhole, jump in time, disruption of space time continuum, etc.)

Research and applicated development of spaceship construction and manufacturing, space transport

R&D of protection and defence systems

Our company targets to research and applied development in the field of electrical engineering. The supporting projects are as:

Research of paranormal phenomena and their usage and application in a close future

Research, training and teaching of utilization of a both brain hemispheres capacity up to 60 – 70 %. Price of training and information – see Foundation fund.

Research projects in the field of medicine, genetics and mutations

Applicated research of alternative curative methods and prcesses in a medicine and healing

Reserch of space phenomena an technologies and their applications in a space programe of spaceship construction ( warp propulsion, hyperdrive, wormhole, jump in time ( time space continuum), etc.)